"My lessons are based on what you want to play"

Enjoy learning to play the guitar

whatever your aspirations.

Fun, affordable and informative lessons for only £26 per hour, and I come to you.


Guitar Advice

  1. Practice - 15 to 20 minutes a day
  2. Take your time, quality over speed always
  3. Remember to have fun
  4. Find your style
  5. Learn to listen
  6. Get the right equipment
  7. Keep motivated

even more great advice, tips and tricks can be found in Nicks book

'Play Today with Pick the Plec'

About the

Guitar Lessons

  • £26 per hour
  • Electric, acoustic & bass taught
  • Advice on the best equipment for you
  • Learn in the style of music you love
  • Learn Major, Minor and Pentatonic scales
  • Learn chords, strumming & fingerpicking
  • Students can share lessons to cut costs
  • A fun way to build confidence and skills

‘ Play Today with Pick the Plec’

will help you enjoy every minute of this wonderful instrument.


The full colour book comes with a

free Pick the Plec-trum

&  66 track audio CD.

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