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"Start by Practising 15-20 minutes a day, soon you will build finger strength, muscle memory,  confidence and your enjoyment"

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Guitar Lessons £26 per hour

Tuition for electric, acoustic and bass guitar is advisable once a week along with daily practicing. Nick arms all his students with advice and tips to enjoy practice. Additionally Nick posts regular video guides on YouTube and he is the author of 'Play today with Pick the Plec' an ideal partner for anyone learning or improving their guitar playing.

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Guitar Lessons Overview

Nicks lessons include:

  • Choosing the correct equipment, and how to tune your guitar.
  • First chord patterns, strumming, fingerpicking and lead playing.
  • Examples of styles, jazz, folk, rock, and reggae.
  • More complex chord patterns.
  • Modes, Major, Minor and Pentatonic scales in 1, 2 and 3 octaves


Most importantly the lessons are based around the music and styles you enjoy.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

sample of what you will learn

songs are just examples

1) Chords A D and E DDD and DDUUD strum pattern

  •  Picking 432123
  •  Code for Strings, fingers and frets.
  •  Parts of the guitar, how it works.

Song suggestions

  •  Chasing Cars – Rhythm and Lead intro picking
  •  Zephyr Song chorus
  •  Oh Boy (B.Holly)
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s


2) Chords G C and Em

  •  1st rhythm theory

Song suggestions

  •  Hey Ya
  •  Five Colours Chorus (No Bm)
  •  Lucky Man


3) First lead playing. Blues Lick 1 and Blues Lick 2, Simple 12 bar in A Chord C59

  •  Playing and jamming together
  •  Power chords
  •  Picking D, C59, G, D, Picking Pattern 423112 and 423123
  •  Chord Banks – G (sheet to be provided)


4) Simple F Am Bm

  • Chord Banks C D
  •  refresh G


  • Zephyr Song – Chords, Intro duet, lead break (A to Am)
  • Knocking on Heavens door G D Am G D C
  • Hey Joe C G D A E (fifths) Lead riff at end
  • Streets of London C

Tuning the Guitar with tuners or use of relative tuning. Provide sheet and note – all its features


5) C major scale low start on 5th string. Pentatonic scale in Open E, Fretted G and A

  • Rhythm practise DDUUD DDUD DUD
  • BL3 and Jamming 12 bar theory Blues
  • Pentatonic Jamming on 3rd and 10th fret


  • Five Colours - Intro lead bit (tab provided)
  • Scarborough Fair - Rhythm and lead line picking of tune. (sheet provided)
  • Maybe Tomorrow – for improvisation


6) Californication - Rhythm, chords and twin lead line.

  • Sweet Child of Mine - Rhythm, chords and lead intro and 1st two lead breaks.
  • Wake Me Up When September Ends - Rhythm, chords and lead lines. (sheets provided) riffs and fills for all.
  • Use of Expression – volume, vibrato, light and shade etc.


7) Scales theory. C major scale low refresh and high, Arpeggios and 2 scale runs.

  • Eastenders theme. Go all over the board. Touch on Scale modes.
  • How shapes work, four fingers in four fret frame, Shape 1, 3 and 5.
  • Improvisation – using chords to While My Guitar Gently Weeps


8) Power Chord theory.


  • Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
  • Vertigo – U2
  • Smoke on the water – Deep Purple
  • Walk this way - lead and verse line.
  • Lego House – Ed Sheeran


9) Chord theory and customisation. Use of a Capo.


  • You’re Beautiful James Blunt Chords and lead lines 1 and 2
  • Moving Forward – Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly - Picking and Transition chords,
  • Wonderwall and Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Oasis and Green Day
  • Maybe Tomorrow – Stereophonics -3rd fret with chord variations, min7, sus2 and sus4


10) Chord bank theory – F Bb A E with all those chords based within them.

  • Use sheet to transpose.
  • How chords work together.
  • Refer to chord shapes and how to recognise them, e.g. Wonderwall, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Run to You etc etc.


11) Theory of Picking - Single note, simultaneous, plectrum and fingers, 234 fingers. Refresh Moving Forward and transition chords.

Picking styles 1, 2, 3 and 4


  • Light my Fire – Jose Feliciano
  • More than Words - Extreme
  • Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
  • The Man who Cant Be Moved – The Script
  • The Cave – Mumford and Sons


12) How to play great songs – recognising special features.


  • Father and Son – Cat Stevens
  • Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
  • Where ever you may go – The Calling
  • Cruel to be kind – Nick Lowe
  • Any early Beatles songs, Hard days night, Ticket to Ride, Norwegian Wood etc etc


13) Different Scales Major minor pentatonic dorian and mixolydian – why and how they work – introduction to scale modes.


14) Riffs

Great  Chord Riffs

  • Wonderwall - Oasis
  • Alright now - Free
  • Money for Nothing – Dire Straits
  • Teenage Kicks – The Undertones

Great Lead Riffs

  • Run to You – Bryan Adams
  • More than a Feeling - Boston
  • Superstition – Stevie Wonder
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
  • Layla – Derek and the Dominos


15) Seventh chords - Eagles style playing and 12 bar riffs with 7ths all through. Suspended 4th chords and 2nd chords

Songs: Pinball Wizard Elton John version and The Who.


16) Guitar Effects – Overdrive, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Echo, Tremelo, Vibrato.


17) Complex rhythms

Songs: Babylon, Long train Running, Cannonball, Get Lucky etc etc . Spanish playing

Please note all songs are suggestions and many others are used to support teaching.


Intermediate Guitar Lessons

sample of what you will learn

songs are just examples

1) G major scale Shape 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 both two octaves, join with pentatonic by jamming.

How these scale shapes achieve minor and modes capability, 480 scales. All the notes on the guitar neck and how to find them. Three octave run-up.


2) Chord construction - 7th, maj7th, min7th, sus2, sus4

• Songs

• Everybody’s Talkin’ – Harry Nilson

• Kiss Me – Sixpence none the Richer

• Pinball Wizard


3) Rhythms and Rhythm Theory – Clave, reggae, UB40 style, 8,s, 16’s, U2 style, harmonics on 5th, 7th and 12th Fret. Pinched harmonics.


• Black Horse and a Cherry Tree

• Long Train Running

• Red Red Wine

• Edge U2 style harmonics


4) Techniques –Scale on E string descending with Hammer On and Pull Off, Two finger tapping, Alternate picking, Double stops, Serious string bending – bending half and whole tones


5) Finger picking –Various Techniques 1-6, Light My Fire, Hallelujah, Here comes the Sun.


6) Modes –Introduction to Dorian, Mixolydian, Lydian, Phrygian and overview of all others. Scales theory, major and minor.


7) Relative tuning of the guitar.  Open tunings, D and G.

Songs – Big Yellow Taxi, Shine.


8) 1 4 5 and 1 2 5 Jazz technique and alternative chords, simple tri-tone substitutions. Minor 7th flat 5th Scale.



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