• I am a Guitar Tutor working in independent and state schools since 2004. I offer private electric and acoustic guitar lessons in school holiday periods and I have a small home recording facility


  • I am a multi-instrumentalist, primarily guitar, keen to promote the playing of Rock and Pop music and instruments in an ensemble environment.


  • The idea of playing music with other people for pleasure is the most ideal way to improve and progress along with regular practice.



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Tuition for electric, acoustic or bass guitar can be once a week or to your schedule on a ‘lesson by lesson’ basis subject to availability. The cost of each lesson is £26.00.

Practise is best if undertaken constantly for short time periods, 15-20 minutes a day will create good progress, build finger strength and muscle memory, helps confidence and increases enjoyment.

Tips 'n' Tricks

Performance Tips and Advice

Playing live is one of the hardest things a guitarist will go through, drawing the crowd in a capturing them and taking them on your journey through the music really takes a lot of skill.


Tips on Recording your Guitar

Recording your guitar either at home or in a studio can be an extremely teadious process. Selecting the right mic, the best mic positioning and the amp settings can all lead to one big headache, but getting it right can be the difference a create recording or not.

Which Guitar?

Whether your a beginner or an experienced player I can advise you on which type of guitar, strings and leads will be best for the outcome your trying to achieve.